Dreamliner: Inside the World's Most Anticipated Airplane
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Military Aircraft: Boeing's Most Famous Models


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Famous Boeing Military Aircraft

Boeing's long-awaited dream machine became a commercial reality on Sunday, when the lightweight plastic-composites 787 Dreamliner was formally delivered to its first Japanese customer.

After years of delays, Sunday's delivery marked a triumph for the company, which had been bogged down by the plane for more than three years. While the plane is considered a major accomplishment in the aviation industry, it's not the first time Boeing has pushed the industry forward.

During World War I and World War II, Boeing was at the fore of manufacturing some of the most iconic military aircraft of the 20th century. Here, we take a look at those designs, what they meant for the industry at the time, and how they impacted plane designs to come. Here are Boeing's most famous military aircraft.

By Constance Parten
Posted 26 September 2011

Dreamliner: Inside the World's Most Anticipate Airplane