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Guy Adami: Time To Make Your Hay

Wednesday is time for investors to make their hay, trader Guy Adami said Tuesday. Investors now need to draw the line in the sand as to the direction of the S&P 500 index, he continued.

The market tested the upper-end of the range on Tuesday, Adami said. It was a great time to sell. For some time, the 1,220 level has served as resistance, but Adami is not sure we're going to get there now.

Word on the Street

"I think the impetus is still on the bulls. I think the shorts got squeezed," Adami said, adding that stocks may close lower on Wednesday.

The S&P is caught in a range between 1,105 and 1,230, trader Joe Terranova said. In the last two days, there has been an unwinding of a short trade. For some time, investors had feared Armageddon by way of the European debt crisis because it didn't seem as though European leaders were working collectively to solve the problem. Things have changed over the last few days, though, with policymakers appearing to work together. So Terranova said the market sentiment is equaling out, where it's not too bullish or bearish.

"The way you play this market overall right now is you have to look at yesterday's lows and use those at point of reference," Terranova said. "I think that's the most critical technical aspect of the price action in the last few days."

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