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Transforming “Humble” Into “Home”

To homebuyers who have a strong vision and the means to see it through, an abandoned utilitarian structure can become a stunning antidote to the common McMansion.

Changes in technology, industry, and occupations have resulted in a decrease of barns, stables, and carriage houses being used for their intended purposes.

Church attendance is not what it used to be and consequently many beautiful houses of worship have fallen vacant. Happily, many obsolete structures can be reclaimed, as with this church seen in a previous CNBC slideshow on converted homes. One company even specializes in dismantling and rebuilding old barns, as you’ll see in the slides that follow.

Because of home conversions, what could be the sad gradual loss of a well-built structure is really a boon to an enterprising homebuyer. A building that once housed farm animals can now go for more than a million bucks—and onve renovated it can look like a million bucks. Click on ahead to see inspiring examples of such repurposed structures, suggested by Realtor.com.

By Colleen KanePosted 29 September 2011

Left side of blended photo: Realtor.com; right side: historic photo