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Gilbert's Fathead Puts LeBron Images For Sale

Before last season, LeBron James decided to opt out of the wall graphic category that is included as part of each NBA player's group licensing agreement. James had a deal with a company to make wall graphics of him, though that company couldn't use NBA marks since the official rights to league marks were exclusive to Fathead.

In the end, the company never did release a James wall graphic and the opt out recently expired.

But on Monday morning, CNBC discovered that Fathead was selling four wall graphics of James in his Heat jersey. What makes the relationship sticky is that the ownership group of Fathead is led by Dan Gilbert, owner of the Cleveland Cavaliers, who LeBron of course left to go to the Heat.

Lebron Fathead
Source: fathead

When "The Decision" was announced, Fathead slashed prices on James' Cavs wall graphics to $17.41, which is the year the famous traitor Benedict Arnold was born. Fathead can continue to sell the images through the lockout since its deal is with the NBA Players Association. The question is, can James opt out again perhaps to spite his former owner?

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