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'We Cannot Keep Printing Money'

Name: Tom DeMatteis
Age: 39
From: Connecticut
Occupation: Small Business Owner
Duration of protest: 3 Days
Reason for protest: End the Federal Reserve

Tom DeMatteis is a single father and the owner of a pizzeria in Connecticut who joins in the protests whenever he can.

“What I’m doing out here is showing support. I’m taxed damn near to death, from property tax to income tax to security tax, it’s tax, tax, tax, tax,” he said.

DeMatteis’s main concern, however, is with the Federal Reserve.

“The real grass roots of 'Occupy Wall Street' is to end the Federal Reserve, get them out of our Treasury, get us out of the fiat currency, and go back to what our constitution says, a gold and silver standard,” he said.

He is practicing what he preaches.

Currently, DeMatteis is having a special at his pizzeria where customers can buy a 75-cent slice of pizza, but there’s a catch: They must pay with coins that are pre-1964 because they are 90 percent silver.

“What I’m trying to do is raise awareness that you know our currency is not worth anything and that it is at the brink of collapse,” he said. “We cannot keep on printing money.”

Photo Credit: Cadie Thompson