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Occupy Wall Street: Who the Protestors Are

Cathy James  31 New York Social Worker  1 day Government reform

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'Protect the Little People'

Name: Cathy James
Age: 31
From: New York
Occupation: Social Worker
Duration of protest: 1 Day
Reason for protest: Government Reform

Cathy James came to the protests with her two-year old daughter for the first time Monday to donate food and to show her support. James said she hopes the protest brings about “meaningful change.”

“It’s comforting to see so many people that feel the same way that I do. I’m hoping that it’s a movement that causes a transformation, either in the ballot box or with meaningful legislation that protects the little people rather than the big companies,” said James. “It’s the most vulnerable that need the most protection and I feel like the priorities of government right now just don’t reflect that. They reflect the lobbying that gets done and they reflect the fact that they are beholden to these huge organizations that are funding their campaigns.”

Photo Credit: Cadie Thompson