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What Currency Investors Should be Reading Now

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CNBC's Guest Blogsare carrying some smart currency-related commentaries today.

Here's a guide.

Worried about the prospect of a trade war with China? Maybe you should be. The Chinese are seriously unhappy about a bill introduced in the Senate that would slap import duties on countries that maintain undervalued currencies - legislation clearly aimed at China.

"Weeks of pledges and assurances over joint U.S. and Chinese interests were nullified in a matter of hours" as the legislation was introduced, writes Dr. Dan Steinbock, Research Director of International Business, India, China and America Institute, who goes on to propose another way to deal with our dollar-busting trade deficit.

If you're more focused on Europe,Ivory Johnson of Scarborough Capital Management explains why gold is a better investment than any bailout plan.

"Lending money to a European Investment Banks who form a Special Purpose Vehicle who issues bonds guaranteed by broke countries to use as collateral to borrow more money to buy more bad debt? That's their plan? No thank you; I'm still buying gold," he writes. He'll give you several other reasons too.

Andrew Busch of BMO Capital Markets, a regular Money In Motion contributor, is also weighing in on the Greek drama, pointing out the imminent debt-maturity deadline the country is facing and the inadequate pace of the aid negotiations.

Happy reading.

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