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Enough With the Office Politics! Plus Other Cubicle Gripes

If you have a job in this tough economy, there are a lot of people struggling out there who would really appreciate it if you would just zip it.

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But office-supply chain Staples knows the aches, pains and collating needs of the people and they’re willing to ask — what’s wrong, cubicle dwellers of America?

Hey, thanks for asking, Staples.

At the top of employees’ wish list was eliminating office politics — 44 percent of workers surveyed in Staples’ annual “Improve Your Office” survey said they’d like to see their fellow co-workers cut the crap.

You know what else would help improve things around the office?

If we moved the office to my house. Forty-one percent said that allowing them to telecommute would improve their work.

Also on employees’ wish lists were upgrading computers and other office technology, getting nicer or more comfortable office furniture, providing more private work areas and offering more flexible work hours.

And, despite all that trash-talking that goes on at the water cooler, the one thing that employees said did NOT need improvement was the boss. When asked what grade they would give the boss, nearly half said a solid “A.” Another 31 percent said “B.”

By contrast, more than half of the workers surveyed gave their office furniture and office décor a “C” grade or lower. And 41 percent gave their office technology a “C” or lower.

And, for what it’s worth, they said it wouldn’t hurt to stock the breakroom either. Employees said offering free coffee and snacks would help them be more productive.

So, keep up the good work, boss! Oh, and can we get some of those little chocolate snack cakes?


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