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Meet Occupy Wall Street's Security Guy

People scream at the New York police officers after an arrest was made on Broadway in front of Zuccotti Park, where demonstrators protesting against the financial system are gathering on September 19, 2011 in New York City.
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"I just want to keep these guys from getting arrested and @%#$*ing up tonight."

The man who spoke those words has a shaved head, black military style pants, combat boots and a black t-shirt. He looks like a commando. Or perhaps a skinhead.

Except on his shirt is a sticker reading "Hello, my name is Brendan."

He has taken on the role of security here at the Occupy Wall Street protests. Mostly, that means trying to avoid mass arrests.

This afternoon he's urging protesters to walk calmly on the sidewalk as they march to Folely Square, ten blocks away.

"We don't have a permit to march in the streets," he explained.

At Folely Square, the Occupy Wall Street crowd plans to meet up with the trade unionists who are gathering for their own march.

"The trade march isn't an Occupy Wall Street event but they are marching to endorse us," Brendan says.

Brendan shouts at the marchers.

"Keep it calm. Keep it relaxed," he says.

Brendan is planning on clearing a stage of sorts on the east side of the park for union reps to make speeches from. He's very happy the unions are coming to show support.

"Helps to show this isn't just some hippie Woodstock thing," he says.

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