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Creepy and Creepy-Looking Houses

While not everyone believes in ghosts, there are still houses that are generally considered to be haunted—and that’s already been covered here on CNBC in America’s Most Haunted Homes. Plenty of houses just look scary, as if they’re starring in a ghost story or a horror movie. A few of the following structures have starred in scary movies.

But scary movies are just one frightening association in the following collection of homesincluding some suggestions and images from Zillow.com. Other residences here are not (necessarily) haunted, but they look as if they could be. One had a creepy and kooky famous resident, and another had a notorious resident who's serving several life sentences in prison. Another is said to have inspired a famous haunted house, one appears to be frozen in time, and others have styles that generally lend themselves to scary tales. Click ahead to see these scary-looking homes.

By Colleen KanePosted 6 October 2011