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A quick status report, Notre Dame’s AIM and a sad good-bye

David Weinstein

OK, to start, a quick recheck of our team goals:  1) Crush Michigan (more or less, but it’s a long competition), 2) Shout-out on Mad Money (negative—currently considering more proactive efforts) and 3) Win (Booth/Fisher – go buy BAC or something).

What else is going on?  EK/AMR/RIMM offered some fantastic opportunities this week (we stayed away, unfortunately).  Europe continues to dominate the broader markets, as evidenced by Tuesday’s ridiculous end-session rally.  When Europe gets boring, we, ostensibly, see movement on “positive” U.S. economic data (wait, ISM at 51 and private sector jobs < 100k translates to… what exactly?).  Could it just be the shorts covering?  Maybe.  Comments by Ms. Merkel may have played a role as well.  Technical experts, feel free to comment below on your thoughts, as we seem to be somewhat range-broken.

That brings us back to our favorite subject:  Notre Dame’s Mendoza College of Business!  Did you know that Notre Dame students manage a $5M+ portfolio through Mendoza’s Applied Investment Management (AIM) course (see here:  We’ll let you explore the website (trust me, it’s a pretty cool program for MBAs and undergrads alike), but a few highlights:  1) Comprehensive fundamental analysis of individual stocks with authority to initiate/liquidate positions, 2) Presentation of portfolio picks to Notre Dame’s Board of Trustee Investment Committee Members and 3) AIM analyst trips to industry professionals at firms such as Tiger Management, Bain & Co. and Goldman Sachs (networking score).  It really is a unique program and invites are, unsurprisingly, highly competitive.

One final note given the timing of this author’s note:  Rest In Peace, Mr. Jobs.  You were everything you should have been.  Rejecting the status quo and fully embracing your passion and talents requires a unique sort of courage.  We are humbled and awed by your accomplishments and legacy.

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