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Worst Ad in America

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The Super Bowl showcases the best of Madison Avenue.

TV commercials the rest of the year, however, make investing in a fast-forwarding DVR well worth it.

I mean really....someone got paid to come up with the Carfax Fox?

Consumerist, which holds an annual contest on the Worst Company in America, has launched this year's version of The Worst Ad in America.

Voting ends October 16th.

For example, which commercial do you detest more—"Power to the V" from Summer's Eve  or Luvs "Poop There It Is"?

Hmmmmmm - tough call there.


OK - Who is more annoying  — Flo from Progressive Insurance or the Metamucil Multitasker?

Hmmm. Flo.

The categories are varied and hilarious:

-Worst Abuse of an Existing Song

(I vote for Heart's "What About Love" by Swiffer).

-Celebrity Who Could Probably Use a New Manager Right Now

(Claire Danes for Latisse? Her manager landed her as the star of AMC's "Homeland".)

-Trends that Need to Stop Being a Trend

(I vote for "Asian Accents are 'Hilarious'" as the trend that must end.) 


One company is nominated in two categories: Arby's, for Worst Original Jingle and also for Creepiest Ad.

It's commercial certainly is creepy, though maybe not as creepy as this nominee.

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