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10 Ways Your Job Is Killing You

Employees who call in sick normally get most of the blame for lost productivity, but a phenomenon known as “presenteeism” has been gaining notice, as well. Defined as the act of coming in to work when you’re sick and doing a third-rate job as a result, presenteeism costs businesses billions of dollars a year in lost productivity.

If presenteeism is damaging to businesses, then it would stand to reason that the workplace would be better off if sick workers stayed home until they got better. When the illness is a byproduct of the workplace itself, however, that worker will just get sick again and keep doing a listless and unproductive job.

Whether environmental or psychological, many workplaces have conditions that can make employees sick. These factors have a domino effect that ultimately is as bad for the business as it is for the employee.

What are 10 ways that your work may be killing you and your employer? Click ahead and find out.

By Daniel Bukszpan
Posted 10 October 2011

Dimitri Vervitsiotis | Getty Images