Money in Motion

Euro Lifts, Dollar Slips, China Talks Tough

France and Germany make a promise, and China sends a warning - it's time for your FX Fix.

France and Germany pledged to unveil a euro debt crisis resolution, and the euro rose. [CNBC]

The pledge also boosted overall risk appetite, lifting emerging market currencies against the dollar. [FT]

The Australian and New Zealand dollars also rose on news of France and Germany's pledge. [RTT]

Meanwhile, British Prime Minister David Cameron says Europe has just a matter of weeks to avert disaster. [Reuters]

China's yuan hit a fresh high against the dollar thanks to demand from exporters. [WSJ]

China warned that if a bill that would press China to let its currency rise becomes law, it would spark a trade war. [CNBC]

November's G20 meeting is likely to be all about the euro debt crisis. [Reuters]


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