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My Cab Driver Explains Occupy Wall Street

Wall Street Protests
Gennine Kelly for

"Are they protesting because of the jobs?" asked Jean Lubin.

Lubin was driving me from Chinatown to the Occupy Wall Street protests. He hadn't heard much about them but he thought people should protest the lack of jobs.

"I come from Haiti a long time ago. I love this country. You are free," he said. "But now, now it's upsidedown because you can't work." 

He told me that 10 years ago he earned enough to save money, but his savings have been depleted in recent years. His income has fallen, too.

Lubin pointed to the Fulton Market. Once there was a thriving fish market here, but it moved to the Bronx years ago.

"I start (work) at 4 a.m. Used to be, I'd come here and people would be going to Queens, the Bronx, wherever," he said. "Now no one comes until the tourists at 9 a.m."

This, Lubin said, is a good reason to protest.

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