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Dare We Suggest You Should Feel Optimistic?

From the woes of Europe to the action in the Shanghai Composite, there are plenty of reasons to worry. So why is Raymond James chief investment strategist Jeff Saut so optimistic?

Probably because he thinks the rally has legs.

In a live interview on Fast Money Saut tells us he's convinced the market made its low for the year last week when the S&P bounced and then rallied sharply.

And, yes, he’s fully aware the the S&P broke below support – but he tells us that’s ok.

”It was an undercut low,” he says, “just like in 1978”.

What's that mean?

Essentially, Saut thinks patterns in the market now are similar to patterns made during the late 1970’s “when we came down hard and made selling climax lows."

He goes on to explain that the market went sideways for about 7 or 8 weeks as it bottomed. And during that time "we violated the selling climax lows with a slight undercut."

Saut thinks that’s what happened last Tuesday.”

Has the Market Hit the Bottom?

In addition, Saut has done on the ground research and found money managers in both Europe and the US are very underweight American equities. “All we need to see is a slight rotation out of bonds and into stocks and the market could surprise a lot of people on the upside.”

If he’s right, then the path of least resistance should be higher.

As you might expect, Saut is looking for sharp gains into year's end. He thinks the S&P finally breaks out of its range and trades above 1230.

However, that doesn't mean the upside is limitless. Saut also thinks the market has a ceiling on it - in the form of the highs made back in May. Those, he says, will remain the highs for the year - mostly because of all the technical traders in the market.

”We're like a heart attack patient. We’ve done too much technical damage for us to get off the gurney and just run,” he says.

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