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NBA Lockout: 18 People Tell How It Will Affect Them

Last night, as it became apparent that the first two weeks of the NBA season would be canceled, I asked regular folks on if they could tell their own personal stories about what the continued lockout would mean to them.

NBA Lockout

I was touched by what people said in 140 characters or less. It might not mean anything, but I hope the players and the owners print this out and read it for themselves.

@gkmorgan2: I do contract event staffing work for the local team, getting paid on a per event basis. Wife teaches school. Need the $ bad.

@azjoan: My husband is a vendor. We could have a real teensy, tiny Christmas without that extra income.

@xphile101: I work part-time at an NBA arena. I need the money to pay my mortgage. I'm losing thousands if they don't play this year.

@sladdy66: I work for a fractional luxury suite company in Atlanta. Suite at Philips Arena. No games = No sales = No commission

@MVakdetara: I work as a ballboy for the Nets. I depend on my game checks and player tips to help pay for college.

@roccovitale3: My company does pyrotechnics/special fx for teams. No games = no pyro.

@SPorter130: I manage for a major concessionaire. Company is moving people around, have heard layoffs will come now that reg ssn gms canceled.

@SuperStatsDave: I do stats for a team, 4 regular season games = 1 monthly car payment

@BroncosItaly: We broadcast Utah Jazz games on our radio stations. We will lose revenue we usually get from sales.

@ReuvenFridmar: I run a direct marketing company & the Milwaukee Bucks are our client. Can't launch their campaign anytime soon.

@bjcseven: I own vending machines in an NBA arena. Tough to pay loan when no workers are there to take breaks.

@stewertberstow: Bro Jim works in ticket/group sales for Chi Bulls. Estimates he'll lose $1,522 as result of missed games. Shame.

@chrisyounes: I work the scorer's table for one of the teams. Lost my way to relax from my real job.

@1st_Time_Caller: Hundreds of ticket sales reps across the league will retroactively lose commission on sales made as each game is missed.

@tylerconway22: College senior. Been writing about the NBA since Sophomore year. No $ lost, but gonna hurt future job chances.

@noordeus: I sell beer in Boston. Bars near Garden will cut orders significantly. We will lose lots of commission.

@ChrisR0berts: I paid my community college tuition last spring/this fall with the part-time usher money job I have with the Cavs.

@ewtonynba: Work in sports TV. Tonight just cost my family $1,800 & it'll hurt me more than Kobe (losing) $1 million.

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