Occupy Wall Street: Live Blog

This is a live blog of CNBC's "Speaker's Corner" hosted in New York City where the group, Occupy Wall Street has set up camp.

OWS Protesters
Getty Images | Spencer Platt

On September 17, 2011 a loosely organized group calling themselves Occupy Wall Street gathered in NYC to protest corporate greed, social inequality and other divisions between the rich and the poor.

On the group’s Web site, , they describe themselves as a “leaderless resistance movement with people of many colors, genders and political persuasions.

The movement has spread from a few dozens to hundreds and has spread from New York to many cities including, Los Angeles, Tampa and Portland, Oregon and to Boston.

There are many questions about the group and about the group's goals. It is our goal here at CNBC to give them a chance to share their voices and for those who want to learn more about them, to hear what they have to say and what they're hoping to do in this live blog. (You can read Monday's post here) This is all part of CNBC's Special Report on Occupy Wall Street which you can check out here.

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4:16 PM - When You're in the City, Check Out...

Another visitor to NYC is enjoying the protests - finds it "very inspiring."

And with that - we're shutting down CNBC's Speaker's Corner for tonight. Thanks for reading, that's for sharing your comments.

4:14 PM - Wants More

Paul from Cincinnati, OH is there at OWS 'cause he wanted to hear other points of views. He says it's very peaceful, very respectful and that he's gotten loads of information he wants to review.

4:13 PM - Maybe the Second Time?

Jeff says he's running for president again - it'll be his second time. He says the government is keeping him quiet - that he has proof that GW ordered the bombing of the WTC. Says "America has been overthrown...and urges all .. to tell their friends"

4:12 PM- Glory Days

Ed from Baltimore, who's retired is now talking, is a small businessman and says he's "scared to death of what's happening now." He says the money-class folks are getting too powerful and that they're not happy with just having money - they want power. Ed says it's rallies like this one that helps energize the country and "helps turn around the country to help it return to what it is and what it should be"

4:09 PM - My Favorite Moment

So, I've been watching this non-stop for two days blogging away. My favorite part has to be right now - an elderly gentleman is on his cellphone with his wife standing by the Speaker's Corner holding his sign asking her if she can see him. She can. He's happy - no he's asking her what's for dinner.

Man's gotta eat.

4:00 PM - Still Believes in Hope

Dale from Vermont says he's got a job and he's been involved in politics...and says he has 6 children but sadly believes the "American Dream is long gone."

Says he's not here for himself - but for those "behind me" - meaning the protesters and the future generations.

Says it's time to stand up - that we can't continue to go this way. Dale, who is 55 and has a job (that he's had for 26 years) says despite everything, "there is still hope" because of OWS.

OWS march on 5th
Spencer Platt

3:51 PM - "Long Live Everything"

Daniel who lives in NYC says he supports OWS - but he believes in capitalism ... and doesn't think it's a contradiction. He says he doesn't mind that the shareholders win more than labor. He says "we won, we're the winners" - everybody likes getting cheaper goods from China...but at the same time a lot people are disasstified with Washington...it's hard to comprehend to bail-out the banks and then cut social security and cut funding for teachers...and that's the real problem... a lot of people are fed up with the tax policy...not everybody here is some Marxist ..we believe in capitalism... but we need help from Washington to help spread the wealth.. The Buffett Tax rule isn't the beginning of Marxism... we're not all against public companies...OWS is great branding....we need balance... Long Live Everything."

3:47 PM - I Like The Harmonica

Singing, "when the helmets hit the ground..."- actually he's pretty good...going to get the video here as soon as I can cause I like this one and he sings way too fast for me to keep up with.

Raging Grannies Occupy Wall Street

Watch this space -- I'll post it shortly.

Update: Matt singing "When the helmets hit the ground" is right after the "Raging Grannies" in the video clip.

3:39 PM - Raging Grannies

Grannies with a guitar (who kept saying, don't swear, don't swear, it's not good for the grandkids) sang "Good News..... Occupy Wall Street is Good News.... "

Lyrics include: "If you can't pay your mortgage or your rent, welcome to the 99%, Good news, Occupy Wall Street is coming and you don't want us to leave you behind.. We don't want corporate criminals stealin' our bucks, ifyou like to drink the water and breathe the water, Occupy Wall Street is a comin' ... and you don't want us to leave you behindddddddddd."

You can check out their video on the clip.

3:34 PM - Not So Jerseylicious

Lexia from NJ just lost her job last week - but she's not too upset about it. She says she would have quit it anyway to come down to OWS.

And then she dropped the F-bomb


Another great representation for JerZey. Thanks 'ppreciate it.

Well this blogger who lives in Jersey wonders what happened to the Garden State's Glory Days before folks from Rhode Island and New York started passing themselves off as Jersey Girls?

3:32 PM - Why Occupy Wall Street Doesn’t Have A List of Demands

CNBC's John Carney just posted this to his blog:

"It’s a question that everyone asks me about Occupy Wall Street.

“What do they really want?”

Unlike many protest movements, Occupy Wall Street has refused — so far — to issue a manifesto or a list of demands. This leads many outsiders to wonder whether or not there really is a point to Occupy Wall Street at all.

In some ways the desire by outsiders to see a list of demands is related to another question: “How long will this go on?” A list of concrete demands would provide a starting place for ending Occupy Wall Street. It would be the beginning of a negotiation to end the occupation.

One of the young women who appeared on CNBC.com's Speaker’s Corner livestream today explained why she thinks Occupy Wall Street should never even begin this process of wrapping up.

“I don’t think we should issue a list of demands at all. That’s not what this is about,” said Katherine Hewlitt of Portland, Maine.

So what is it about?"

You can read John's full post here

OWS Banking History Lesson

3:30 PM - Carries a Big Stick

Eddie is there because he "agrees with the marchers that something is wrong with America." Eddie, a well-spoken elderly man hopes that this movement gives "birth to a broad coalition for a better America" - he wants to see health care for all, better jobs and better education.

3:28 PM - Max Delivers a First Class Statement

Max - a postal employee who is in the union is there to lend his "quiet support". Max, an immigrant (didn't say from where) wants to see some changes - perhaps the US could do some of the social changes that are happening in Sweden, Norway and Denmark.

3:27 PM - A Higher Calling

Scott from Hawaii says he heard about the "mess down here" and wanted to come down and see what was going on ... and what's going on according to Scott is that they're not listening to Jesus.

3:25 PM - North of the Border

A visitor from Mexico City says it's really sad to see so many young people without work and that she hopes the world changes

3:22 PM - Her Maine Concerns

Woman from Maine came down to share her views. She wants to see the Glass Steagall Act brought back. She wants to see a debt relief on student loans -- and she says Wall Street can pick up the tab. She wants to see an end to the rapid/computer-driven trades on Wall Street.


3:19 PM - Ban Frackin'

A woman upset with the freekin' frackin wants to see its end.

OWS march on 5th
Getty Images | Spencer Platt

3:17 PM - Meanwhile

On NY's Upper East Side Protesters marched and CNBC's Kayla Tausche reports.

3:14 PM - Inspiration Found In The Ruins

Stefan from Brooklyn came to the Speaker's Corner after seeing the museum at the World Trade Center. He was inspired by what he saw there and thinks that spirit should help propel Congress to pass Obama's jobs bill.

3:12 PM - Freedom and Unity

John from Vermont came down yesterday to check out the movement and says it's a wonderful experience to see all the young people voicing their concerns. He's also against all the lobbyists in DC. He wants those who brought the country down to be held accountable.

3:09 PM - Let Freedom Ring

Ken says he's there to "support the kids out here." Says a lot of them back in the day "sold out, cut their hair and went corporate." He wants to see an end of ALL lobbying. Says what's good about the movement is the freedom of speech.

3:07 PM - A Lesson Everyday

Melissa a teacher in NYC says she's there to help her become a better teacher - she's there to "Learn"

3:05 PM - From Our Twitter Feed and  Facebook Friends:

Abe Hamideh lobbyists are like rats!

Michael Freeland Anyway Jackson broke the federal reserve bank and most of the the banks failed as well because Jackson put on the specie standard

@­LARRYLOVE­1966 Wow what an inspired movement. Changing the world.

@Bet_Money wall street breaks laws every day

@­LARRYLOVE­1966 That is one ugly crowd. No wonder they are ­unemploye­d.

3:01 PM - A Tourist In NYC

German tourist stopped by just to see what was happening.

I'm like, what's going on over there?

2:56 PM - We Will Be Heard

Man reading from a long list talks about all that "we reject" including the fact that "businesses are people".. says he wishes the Tea Party would join the effort. Says "we are a global movement" standing in solidarity with the oppressed around the world, is morally outraged that millions in the richest country in the world, don't have healthcare, that the environment is at risk, says the movement is "on the right side of history."

2:49 PM - New Slideshow: Scenes from the ‘Occupy’ Protests

Can't be there in person - check out our new slideshow - see what you're missing.

Cnbc speakers corner

2:47 PM - Dylan - Again

Eats an avocado and then swears he won't eat again until $15,000.00 is raised to feed the people down there.

2:43 PM - Evoluton Not Revolution

Man from Queens is up talking saying he's not angry - he doesn't blame anyone - he just wants to see real change in our communities, in our country, in our world. He says he's not trying to bring down the system -- he wants to work WITH governments and business to affect real change.

Hopes that this movement can shake up real change.

2:40 PM - Here For You

Ben says he's there to show his support. He says we've got big, big problems and that its' bigger than Wall Street...that it's about oil, water, global concerns. Peddles a book "End of Truth" - but he's giving away 100 free copies. Just for that -- here's a link to his website

OWS Speaker's Corner, 10/11/2011, Pt. 3

2:40 PM - Rio Rage

Man from Brazil speaking now says the world needs to be better...and to do that we need to, "occupy the world."

2:38 PM - Now She Tells Us

Woman takes the stand to say "You're in the wrong place....You gotta go to Washington"

2:37 PM - My Best Year, Ever

Realtor talking now, says that actually he's had his best year ever (oh, so he's the one.) BUT - He says he's there to protest what's going on (the corruption in government and on Wall Street) - that the system is rigged.

2:34 PM - Mortified in Upstate NY

Henry from upstate NY says he's "mortified" with the country he's leaving for his kids and his grandkids. He's there in NYC to support OWS - to support these "young people to show them our gratitude and thanks."

2:32 PM - Dear Ben, You're Fired

Michael says he's enjoying what he's seeing down in NYC at OWS. Says if want our country back - "End the Fed."

CNBC speakers corner

2:29 PM - And on the 8th Day Wall Street Created

Man speaking now says the folks on Wall Street don't really create a thing ... it's all funny money, they move assets from one account to another.

Says we took away the "adult supervision" and that Wall Street needs more regulation - not less. Then he says the young generation is drawn to Wall Street for the money - and that's causing a huge drain in other areas like education and medicine.

Says it's time to bring back the Glass Steagall Act. He wants to see an FCC with some real teeth... ends by saying, Bring back the sanity.

2:28 PM - End the Wars

Man at the podium is against the wars - says "they're bleeding us dry."

2:26 PM - He Pushes 'Em

YIKES - speaker now is a personal trainer (as in don't mess with him) and his clients are the 1%'rs -- but he wants to be there to share his voice and his pecs! (ha) He wants to see an end to greed.

2:25 PM - Visiting From Queens

Greg is up now says it's not just a physical or economic problem -- we're facing a spiritual problem and Jesus will save.

He's now witnessing.

He's done - on his way back to work.

2:23 PM - Go Greenbacks

Speaker up now talks about just how bad it'll get IF the dollar is not the world's leading currency.

2:20 PM - Don't Judge Me

College Prof is talking now - telling everyone not to dismiss the movement because of the "hippy looking freaks." Says they have a clear, good message and only want positive change.

2:18 PM - Dad

Newest speaker wants to talk about how frustrated he is ... how sad it is that his kid is struggling to pay for his college education. He says "greed is no good." Says he "sees the country going downhill" BUT -- (and this part is important) he says that he's been praying for something good to happen - and he thinks this is it ... and believes something good will come from the movement.


2:17 PM  - I've Got Wrinkles

Woman takes the podium to say she's got wrinkles and that the movement is not just for a bunch of loonies, long-haired, freaky, hippie-dippie, nuts. That it's for the real people.

Good to know, 'cause I've got wrinkles too.

Occupy Wall Street, 10/11/2011, Pt. 1

2:16 PM  - Enough

Man from Harlem says he's upset that the government is cutting all the programs that the needy ... well, need. He says all the cuts are happening while the folks on Wall Street are getting richer.

2:15 PM - New Sheriff In Town

Catherine says she's in NYC as part of OWS/Maine -- she insists that OWS not give the media a list of their "demands."

2:13 PM - I Should Know

Elderly man at the podium saying how good it used to be - and how it all sucks now. (My words, not his -- but seriously, that's his gist.)

He can no longer afford good health care or dental. He wants a better society not for the 1%'rs but the 99%'rs...saying, "people before profits."

2:12 PM - Seriously?

Ok, there's a really, well spoken man on now -- but I'm still a little "shattered/shocked/frightened" by Dylan.

Cnbc speakers corner

2:08 PM - OMG -- Dylan Again?

Dylan is back for his 4th visit to the podium. He's reading what he wants from his marriage (remember his girlfriend dumped him!)

He wants his ex to get a disease, die...he wants the new girl in the office to notice him... he wants a bolt of lightning to strike his ex dead...he wants to smoke a bowl of Maui Wowie...he wants to sit by a lake and talk to his dead aunt ... he wants a woman with a good heart ... he wants his ex wife to get a lethal injection ...but to survive (?--hey, it's his story) ... he wants to read poetry, he wants to read poety while drunk and then climb upstairs with a good woman and then he wants....WAIT -- this is a family friendly blog.

OH NO -- I think he's going to start crying. Yep...he's crying. He's thinking of his Aunt Betty. We had to pull him. Sorry.

2:06 PM - Another New Yorker

Takes the podium. Woman says she's glad she came down to see what is going on and is "hopeful for a better tomorrow for all of us."

And who said NY'ers are cynical?

2:04 PM - Big Point

Andre the Giant -- (for real -- this speaker is really, really tall) is at the podium and is "inspired by what's going on."

Andre is a college student and is really inspired to read more about our Founding Fathers. (That's good, make sure you really read all those quotes by TJ -you'll need em...see below)

Says all the problems are NOT fully the banks problems -- that we all need to take ownership of the blame....but that we need to work together.