Funny Business with Jane Wells

Turkey Attacks 'Chicken' (Human Variety)


Here's a video of a turkey "attacking" a local TV news producer up near Sacramento, California. Rarely have I witnessed such drama, such raw fear.

It's turkey versus...chicken. Turkey wins.

Domesticated Turkey

Watch as the producer, rather than telling the bird to stuff it, actually eggs on the turkey BY RUNNING AWAY FROM IT.

Even after finding safety inside her own car, she remains gobbled up by terror.

I've been in a few dicey situations in my career, but nothing I've experienced could possibly match the horror of a turkey, um, waddling after me.

The saddest part of the video may be that we witness the failure of one of the last remaining useful purposes of the post office — to shoo off wild turkeys.

Instead, it's the turkey that went postal.

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