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Why GM's New Electric Chevy Spark Matters

As new model announcements go, this is not the biggest.

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So why should we care about General Motors announcing it will build an electric version of its compact Chevy Spark? Primarily because it shines a spotlight on GM's much hyped, but still far from developed, program to build and sell electric cars.

GM CEO Dan Akerson has talked up the importance of electric vehicles ever since he took over the world's largest automaker.

Remember Akerson driving on stage in a Chevy Volt at a GM plant when the company started production of the extended range electric car? Back then, there was plenty of talk about GM changing the game when it comes to electric vehicles (EV).

Since then, GM has continued talking about charging up the EV game, but has yet to take charge of the fledgling EV market.

GM to Build Electric Chevy Spark

Heck, the Chevy Volt isn't even the top selling electric car in the U.S — that honor goes to the Nissan LEAF. In fact, the Volt is far from meeting the goal of 10,000 sold this year.

So why should we care that GM will build an electric Chevy Spark come 2013? Primarily because it is further commitment to electric cars from a company that is not throwing in the towel on EVs.

Who knows if the Spark EV will be successful? But the more electric models GM rolls out the more the GM electrification program takes hold.

It may be a long time before we know if the EV market takes off as GM believes it will, but GM is determined to be there when it does.


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