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Home Sweet Homes

When rock musicians aren’t living in tour buses, trashing hotel rooms or riding proverbial steel horses from gig to gig, most live in proper homes — and some of those homes are quite impressive. In the following slides we feature the homes of hard rockers, young and old. Some of the residences were just completed this year, while another one was built using materials from the 18th century.

We have houses from two rockers who go by single names and the homes of two members of one massively influential band, one of those belonging to a performer who claimed to originate the traditional heavy-metal devil-horns hand gesture, known as “throwing the goat.”

Many of these houses have rooms specially designed for making and recording music, while others have features that are less directly about music making and more about catering to the rock-and-roll lifestyle. They’re almost all on the real-estate market at prices that range from around $2 million to a duplex penthouse with an astounding rumored price tag of $45 million.

Click ahead to see 10 homes of hard rockers, including numerous suggestions from Realtor.com, starting with the rock legend who calls himself the Prince of Darkness.

By Colleen KanePosted 13 October 2011