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A Reading List for Occupy Wall Street

Occupy Minneapolis protesters

People "occupying" various cities are unhappy with a financial system they see favoring the few over the many.

Do many of them even know how the financial system works?

Half the time I can't figure it out.

Cognito, a financial sector PR agency, is here to help with a reading list for Occupy Wall Street!

"We spend our lives trying to get people interested in the financial industry, and now all these folks are outside our office talking about nothing else," says Cognito VP Loretta Mock. "We appreciate the interest and admire the energy, but from a PR standpoint their messaging could use a little tightening."

Since it looks like this protest is going to go on for some time, Mock thought maybe those camping out will have time on their hands.

So she developed a reading list for them.

Here's Cognito's "Occupy Yourself—Recommended Reading for Revolutionaries":


I hate to burst Cognito's bubble, but some Occupiers already have a reading list. You won't find "Liar's Poker" on it.

Here's the recommended reading on the OccupyLA site:

Cognito may have an uphill battle winning converts. I don't see Dale Carnegie and Peter Kropotkin finding a lot of common ground.

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