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8. Agricultural Bank of China

Employees: 444,440
Revenue per employee: $85,470
Profit per employee: $33,500

Agricultural Bank of China, also known as AgBank, is the world’s biggest bank by the number of customers, branches, and employees.

The lender was founded in 1979 to provide credit to farmers and is one of China’s Big Four commercial banks. In 2010, the lender’s massive IPO pulled in $22.1 billion from Hong Kong and Shanghai, making it the largest IPO in world history. China’s big push over the past decade to develop the country’s rural hinterland has spurred Agbank’s growth.

Agbank has had a rocky past, however, requiring a government bailout because of bad debts. In 2008, for example, the company got a $19 billion cash infusion from the government. The company’s huge workforce hasn’t declined much in recent years, even after it made a transition from a completely government-owned lender to a publicly listed company. The bank is less profitable on a per-employee basis than other Chinese lenders such as ICBC, which is the world’s largest bank by market cap and assets. ICBC, for example, has revenues per employee of $150,000 and profits per employee of $65,000.

Photo: Frederic J. Brown | AFP | Getty Images