Two-Way Street

Debating Biz News in the Internet Age

Believe it or not, we in the business journalism biz have some spirited debates about what we do and how we do it.

I moderated one last Friday and just wanted to tip my hat to the participants, both on the stage and in the audience.

Henry Blodget, editor in chief of Business Insider; Felix Salmon, a noted blogger from Reuters; and our own John Carney, the NetNet guy, were on the stage. Essentially three cutting-edge "new media" guys.

The audience? . This is a group made up of journalists from a variety of platforms .... newspapers, magazines, TV, and Web. It's not completely "old media," but it certainly leans that way (Disclosure: I'm on the board of governors).

And so the kick-off question, should new media play by old media rules, was a natural. What followed was a good back and forth about speed versus accuracy, the flexibility of the Internet and the prospects for "iterative journalism," and the frustrations of "over-aggregation" and inadequate linking.

Nothing got solved. But it was an excellent discussion. And for you readers, least you know we're talking about how to make the sausage better.