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Skinny Abodes Around the Globe

Skinny homes are built for any number of reasons. It could be space constrictions, tax or code restrictions, the creative muse, or even for the vengeful-minded to grind an axe with a family member.

What does it mean to say a house is skinny? You know you’re in one if you can stand in the center of the room and touch opposing walls. Alas, many New Yorkers can identify, and the following homes are all in cities where space is at a premium.

The Dutch may be more familiar with the phenomenon. Take the example of the tall and slender traditional Dutch homes of Amsterdam pictured here. Amsterdam is rife with them because at one time there was a tax on the width of residences. The staircases of such structures are so narrow and steep they’re practically ladders, which made furniture installation and removal an issue. Hence, the narrow homes of Amsterdam also come with hooks at the top, so homeowners could hoist furniture up and down and through the windows.

Click ahead to view some slim pickings from across the world, with suggestions from Realtor.com as well as Trulia.

By Colleen KanePosted 19 October 2011

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