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10 Creepy Jobs

With Halloween just around the corner, the job search portal CareerCast.com has released its seasonally appropriate list of the creepiest careers in America. The list of six vocations focused on those that required contact with insects and other vermin, and disclosed their average annual salaries. But CNBC.com decided to supplement the list with other jobs as well, jobs that are considered creepy in multiple senses of the word.

What follows is a list of jobs that are not for anyone but those with very strong stomachs. Some of them pay well and some don’t. Some require years of schooling, while others only offer the trial by fire that is on-the-job training, whether the rookie hire is ready for it or not. Whatever the case, these jobs are for a narrow subset of workers with a high threshold for unpleasantness.

What are 10 of the creepiest jobs in America? Click ahead and find out.

By Daniel Bukszpan
Posted 20 October 2011

Ahmed Al-Rubaye | AFP | Getty Images