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Herman Cain's 9-9-9: Bathroom Reading?

As a television executive, it is my responsibility to create programs and come up with a slick campaign or a slick promo to help promote it. Americans are also very familiar with the “tease,” the part in a television program where you’ll hear, “Coming up next … we have for you...” and it’s tagged with a simple slogan.

Herman Cain
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A friend of mine, a former editor-in-chief at a wildly popular magazine, once told me the key to a perfect cover: odd numbers under ten. Five tips to a better love life, seven ways to make your home clean.

This is why Herman Cain’s 9-9-9 Plancomes off so popular.

It is a tease with a clever ad campaign slogan. As former CEO of Godfather’s Pizza and former VP at Burger King, he knows a good ad campaign.

9-9-9 Plan is perfect in that it so simple, it sells itself.

Cain’s competitors better come up with a catchy slogan. Last month, when Mitt Romney unveiled his Plan for Jobs and Economic Growth, it was about 160 pages long and had 59 points.

Not bathroom reading.

Gov. Rick Perry says he, too, has a tax plan.

He won’t give details, but he says it is a flat-tax plan. Let’s hope comes up with a witty slogan to go with it. A title such as “Perry’s Plan” is simple, but predictable. He could use an acronym like, "FLAT" for Flatten or Lessen American Tax, but his competitors might easily use that as “a plan that falls flat”.

Americans aren’t too dumb to understand anything complicated. At least it’s something. 

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