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Pops And Drops: Harley Davidson, Mosaic

Find out what’s going up, what’s going down and whether our traders would double down, fade or run in the other direction!

The Mover: Harley Davidson (HOG) popped 5%.
Trader Comment: I’m a seller, says Pete Najarian, but then I’d buy it back lower.

The Mover:  Mosaic (MOS) popped 6%.
Trader Comment: I’m looking for strength in this stock when the Cargill lockup ends, says Steve Grasso.

Stock Pops & Drops

The Mover: American Express (AXP) popped 4%.
Trader Comment: I think this stock could do well into the holidays, says JJ Kinahan.

The Mover: Disney (DIS) popped 3%.
Trader Comment: I think it’s catching up to strength that’s been there all along, says Zach Karabell.

The Mover: Home Depot (HD) popped 2%.
Trader Comment: I look at as a safety name with limited downside, says Pete Najarian.

The Mover: Bank Of America (BAC) popped 2%.
Trader Comment: I’d wait for the stock to stabilize around $7 before I’d buy, says Steve Grasso.

The Mover: SanDisk (SNDK) popped 8%.
Trader Comment: The company came out with earnings, had a game plan and executed perfectly, says JJ Kinahan.

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