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Voices From Occupy Wall Street: 5 Points to a Better Economy

Mike Puerto |Writer, Member of Occupy Wall Street
1- Campaign Finance Reform
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Set limits on Individual and Corporate donations towards individual Campaigns. Any attempts by an individual, or with the help another individual, or with the help of his or her company will result in high fines and or jail time, or both. Any politician knowingly taking illegal campaign donations shall results in Federal charges.

Results: Will help break the hold of Wall Street and Corporations on the various levels of Government.

2- Reinstating old Laws

A-Reinstate the Taft Hartley Act, and the Glass Steagall Act.

Reinstating Taft-Hartley will take care of too big to fail. The use of this act will force the big banks to trim down by selling off assets which will create new Finance companies.

The law worked when AT&T monopolized the telephone industry and forced the company to break up into several ‘baby bells’ which became highly profitable individual companies and at their peak resulted in innovation and created more employment than when AT&T controlled the entire telephone business.

B-Reinstating Glass-Steagall will force Big Banks to declare whether they’re Banks or Investment Banks. (See Goldman Sachs) and act accordingly This will force the Banks to have strict Capital requirements and to cut down on the wild speculations of the markets. It will also help closely monitoring the Banks for malfeasance.


Any US Company manufacturing abroad then bringing their products domestically to sell will be charged a tariff as we do to any foreign Country or foreign company that imports it’s products to the US. In concert with the aforementioned any US Company that manufactures overseas shall be stripped of any subsidies that are enjoyed now. .

Results: Companies are going to be forced to make a decision whether they will continue to manufacture abroad or domestically. Should they start manufacturing domestically jobs will begin to return to the US economy. Should they continue to manufacture overseas the new income from the tariffs and savings on subsidies should be used to develop new companies domestically. Net result jobs, jobs, jobs.

4- Tax Reform

All outrageous tax write-offs will be stricken from the tax laws for example corporate jets. Everyone should pay their fair share of taxes including a group of individuals and companies who pay a small pittance of taxes or none at all.

Results: The Government will be fully funded which will mean social programs will not have to be slashed. Then and only then will the Government then be able to determine who needs a tax break.

5- Judges

All Supreme Court Justices and Federal Judges will have 10 year term limits. Non elected officials should not have jobs for life and mix their politics into their interpretation of the US constitution. This will keep opinions fresh with new Justices and Judges as new technology emerge, and interpretations of the Constitution are more on mark with the prevailing society.

All of the above might seem draconian but other than point #5 are just reinstating rules that have been overlooked or written off the books, but in any event this will create the proper environment for the Country to grow.

This post was written by: Mike Puerto who says he used to work on Wall Street, and subsequently left to become a writer. Currently he's a TV Producer and became involved with the OWS movement 3 days before it began.

Here is how he became involved in OWS:

In my day job as a cab driverI become involved in meaningful conversations with my passengers in social and economic problems involving our Country along with a Wall Street project which I am now producing. Two days prior to the start of OWS I picked up a couple of passengers who questioned me about my project at the moment, a Wall Street Crime Drama. As the Passengers heard the details of the show they became enamored with the storyline after which they handed me a flyer announcing the start of the movement on 9/17. I appeared that morning to discover 150 people. But from that morning on, I continued to stop by 2 or 3 times during the course of my night shift to discover each day how the movement has grown from that first day. I have offered some people a free lift and most importantly have spent almost the entire day the past two Mondays speaking to various people and their feelings toward the State of our Country at the moment. The Movement doesn't have any specific demands at the moment whether by choice or not but which infuriates some outside of the movement. But the time will come when demands will have to be made, the 5 points (laid out in this post and) which I handed them, will help them start off with a list of demands that in one form or another take care of 85% of everyone's concerns.

You can follow Mr. Puerto on Twitter at: @mike_puerto