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Hatred For Broncos' Tim Tebow Is Fascinating, Complex

Tim Tebow has pretty much been a champion throughout his life, not only on the field, but off of it. If we were to create the perfect athlete — Tebow would be it, though his career as an NFL starting quarterback got off to a rocky start yesterday.

Ever since Tebow came out of the University of Florida, there has been a slew of people questioning his abilities and I'm not going to say they were wrong. Some say yesterday proved they were right even though Tebow managed to pull out a win for his Broncos over the Dolphins.

Tim Tebow
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What I want to talk about is, why does the analysis come with such venom? What did Tebow do to deserve this?

First, let's explore if the impression that he is hated is real. For that, I went to the folks at the , who showed me that most people actually like Tebow, according to their latest poll, which was taken in September.

The results? Most people say they don't hate him. In fact, its poll shows that 80 percent say they like him to some degree. He's in the top 400 (No. 399) of the more than 2,900 celebrities in its database and is on par with Dwight Howard, Phil Mickelson and Jack Nicklaus. Its data also shows that he has a higher appeal, trendsetting qualities and trust than Tony Romo and Tom Brady.

A Twitter poll I took, with more than 200 people responding, showed that fewer people said they liked him than the DBI poll, but the amount that said they hated him didn't seem out of whack. Of those that voted, 24.4 percent said they loved Tebow, 25.4 percent said they liked him, 34.3 percent said they don't think about him and 15.9 percent expressed that they hated him.

So why the perception of the hate? Well, it seems like haters do come out stronger than those that love him on days like yesterday, where he played horribly for the first 55 minutes of the game. Bill Glenn, the managing director at The Marketing Arm, which runs the Davie-Brown Index, thinks it starts with jealousy.

"They probably hate because success breeds contempt," Glenn said. "He's kind of like the goody two shoes you knew in high school. Nobody's perfect but he seems to be. He wins BCS titles in college, the Heisman and goes to prisons and speaks."

There's also disdain because of the perception that he gets more time than he deserves by the media.

"I like him, but I don't think he's worth all this attention," said Jarrod Grubb (@jgatky) on Twitter.

Some hate because they think those that love are ridiculous.

"I dislike him, but I dislike his fanbase more," said Albert Lyu (@thinkbluecrew). Then it gets even more complicated.

Some people say they feel differently about Tebow depending on what role he is playing. One tweeter (@HRzMatt) wrote: "Like him the person, hate him the player."

Said Gary Ivins (@BIGNASTY500): "Marry my daughter, not be my quarterback."

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