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Focused on Organic Growth: TD Ameritrade CEO

TD Ameritrade has been living with a volatile market environment for three years, prompting the trading firm to focus on growth from within, CEO Frederic Tomcyzk told CNBC Tuesday.

"We’ve been living with an economic uncertain environment now for three years," he said the day the company reported earnings.

Volatility Boosts TD Ameritrade

"Our management team [is] focused on the organic growth side. We’ve made a significant transition from being primarily a trading firm to being a trading and an asset-gathering firm," he said. "If you look at the last three years we’ve gathered close to $100 billion in net new assets. We see it as an opportunity going forward. We've seen no letup in that direction."

TD Ameritrade has been spending its cash. It has been repurchasing its shares and recently raised its dividend by 20 percent to 6 cents per quarter.

"We’ll continue to return roughly 40 to 60 percent of our earnings to our shareholders and we’ll do more on opportunity," Tomcyzk said. This year, he said, "we returned close to 80 percent of what we earned."