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The Funniest Herman Cain Political Ad Ever

Herman Cain
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Herman Cain is on a roll.

The former CEO of Godfather's Pizza leads the pack in the latest CBS-New York Times public opinion poll among GOP presidential candidates.

He's also building a reputation for having the most offbeat internet campaign ads.

The most recent one stars Chief of Staff Mark Block, who explains his passion for Herman Cain, apparently becoming so excited he has to smoke a cigarette afterward. Was it as good for you as it was for me?

However, nothing may compare to a little-viewed internet ad launched by the Cain campaign in August, back when the candidate only had five percent of the Republican vote, compared to 25 percent now.

This may be the wackiest, funniest, weirdest campaign ad of the season. It's called "He Carried Yellow Flowers", starring actor Nick Searcy, who plays the lead in a western made by "CTV" (Cain TV?). Searcy's character is an old cowboy carrying some yellow flowers, and a couple of ne'er-do-wells in town make fun of him. "I'll bet that you're as yellow as those flowers right there," one says. "Why does it always gotta be about color?" Searcy replies. "What are you guys, liberals?"

Well, it all goes south from there, until the director yells "Cut!" That's when we see the "real" Searcy, who delights in playing an arrogant jerk. "That was so beautiful," the makeup artist tells him as she applies more powder. "Yeah, like you know anything," he tells her dismissively, "No eye contact!"

Ok, you've got the hook in me. This is hilarious and weird.

That's when Searcy gets to the "real" message of the ad. "Looking cool and saying lines that somebody else wrote for me doesn't make me a real tough guy," he tells the camera, "any more than looking cool and reading lines off a TelePrompTer that somebody else wrote makes a community organizer a real leader. But Herman Cain is a real leader."

Eventually, Searcy carries Cain's tagline — "Let's get real" — back onto the set. As cameras roll, he prepares to beat the, er, pizza, out of his so-called liberal foe with the warning, "Ok, punk, get real!"

If for no other reason than these ads, I'd love to see Herman Cain stay in the race, because for sheer entertainment value, my own three-judge panel gives his creative team a 9-9-9.

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