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Former Netflix Skeptic Hits Buy Button

Despite being a Netflix skeptic, Whitney Tilson of T2 tells us this is the time to buy. “We bought into this stock earlier in the week,” he says.

Although he concedes that his past calls on the stock were either early or wrong he tells us, ”Today, we see a company with $4 billion market cap, down from $16 billion about 3 months ago. And on number of metrics we think that’s very cheap,” he says.

Tilson compares to Netflix to BP after the spill. “Where there’s massive negative headlines daily, it’s still a strong company underneath. I think the selling is way overdone.”

Oh sure, Tilson is aware of the bearish argument - that the company is broken and that CEO Reed Hastings damaged the brand with a sharp price increase.

But Tilson holds a different view.

Whitney Tilson: Netflix Strong In Spite of Negative Headlines

"Our bet is on streaming subs," he says. "The streaming subs are still through the roof. Right now they've got a $2.1 billion revenue run rate from streaming - just their streaming business. And for a company with a $4 billion market cap, we think that's cheap."

And Tilson wouldn't be surprised if rivals see it the way he does.

"If you look at costs per subs the company is being valued at $175 per subscriber. Look at any other media company and it's a small fraction."

Tilson tells us he considers Netflix a 'juicy takeover candidate'  for any number of companies including Google, Disney or Amazon .

"There are a lot of different ways to win here," he says.

What do you think? We want to know!

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