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Trading Stocks with the Market in Europe’s Grip

It seems almost every market pro is focused on one thing – Europe. Following you’ll find trading themes from the Fast pros as the situation overseas develops rapidly.

Brian Kelly

BK says whatever the solution is, the EU needs more money and that increases money supply. And when money supply increases Kelly is a seller of that which is over-supplied and buyer of things that are under-supplied.

”I’d buy commodities and stocks – there’s more money out there to buy them. It’s as simple as that.”

Trading & Waiting on Europe

Joe Terranova

Joe T is bullish stocks too but for other reasons. He thinks catalysts other Europe are starting to influence trade. “It’s also about China and corporate earnings which show resiliency.”

And because of the positive economic data out of China and signs that Beijing will stop tightening, Terranova thinks the path of least resistance is higher. “Money managers are under-performing the benchmark and I expect to see them embark a chase for performance.”

Karen Finerman

As a fund manager the Chairwoman agrees that a chase for performance could well be in the cards. “As a manager I feel it – it’s hard to outperform the market when it goes straight up, as it has.

Tim Seymour

Seymour agrees that developments out of out China are bullish. However he suggests playing it long commodities or long anything that benefits when commodities go higher.

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