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Celebrity Entourage Odd Jobs

The less than down-to-earth celebrities out there have been known to surround themselves with helpers, minions, a posse, and/or “yes men.” These can be official employees, friends, or a combination of both.

Some obvious entourage functions include personal assistant, bodyguard, driver, child-care provider, chef, and trainer. A newer task for aspiring hangers-on is social media specialist — someone to ghost-tweet the superstar’s comings and goings.

As you’ll see in the following examples, members of an entourage can be essential, or they can be exploitative. The 10 entourage examples start with a king’s relatively reasonable gang of associates and work up into the celebrity stratosphere with a lady, a prince, a queen, and concluding with one celebrity who is said to act like the biggest diva of them all. Where possible, we’ve provided an idea of these special crew members' earnings or compensation. Click ahead to see them all.

By Colleen KanePosted 28 October 2011

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