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Sizing Up the Tech Space

There is a lot of competition between technology companies, Cramer said Friday. The "Mad Money" host sized up the competition.

It may appear that there is only room for either ARM Holdings or Intel , for example. Cramer, however, thinks both companies can thrive in the chip space.

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In the tablet market, one might think either Apple or Amazon will eventually win out. But Cramer thinks there is room for both. Apple with its iPad and Amazon with its Kindle line.

As far as smartphones go, some think it can only be either Apple or Google . Apple has the iPhone while Google has the Droid. But Cramer said both companies will continue to do well in the smartphone arena.

"There is room for all of them because the rest of the competition is being crushed, not these players," Cramer said. "They can all be bought on weakness because they are all the future."

When this story was published, Cramer's charitable trust owned Apple.

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