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Got a Knack for Stock Picking? It Won’t Help You

Think you’ve got the knack for picking winners? Or maybe you’re terrible at it?  Either way, we’re hearing it doesn’t matter.

According to Jim Bianco, the president of Bianco Research stock picking isn’t a skill you’ll need in this market.

”The average stock in the S&P is currently 85% correlated to the S&P itself,” says Bianco. ”That’s an 80-year high.”

In other words,  more than 8 out of 10 stocks in the S&P are moving in tandem.

“And the reason it’s happening is that almost every company shares the same fundamentals," he says.

According to Bianco stock specific catalysts don't matter in this market- only macro factors such as the financial woes of Europe and/or the potential of QE3. And they impact most stocks the same way.

That’s not to say there can’t be higher beta or lower beta moves – either bigger or smaller moves than the benchmark - but largely stocks are moving in the same direction.

Toughest Trading Environment, Ever?

And the tight correlation may be in place for quite some time.

Bianco thinks the phenomenon lasts as long as government intervention in the form of bailouts or money printing remains a major market influence.

”When that ends I think the correlations disappear but we’re nowhere near that,” he says. ”I expect it remains a very difficult environment for stock pickers for quite some time."

So for the time being – you can just hang your stock picking prowess on the bed post. According to Jim Bianco you won’t need it.

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