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Is the Sharp Pullback Another Buying Opportunity?

On Monday global markets went into an absolute tailspin after a move by the government of Greece called the entire EU bailout plan into question.

Prime Minister George Papandreou stunned the Street when he said he will put the nation's bailout deal through a referendum, potentially undoing the agreement struck last week.

In response other lawmakers staged a revolt, and called for a no-confidence vote on Friday.

And according to the New York Times should the government collapse it would not only render the referendum plan moot but could also scuttle — or at least delay — the debt deal that European leaders agreed on after marathon negotiations in Brussels last week.

Developments pushed stocks sharply lower, with the S&P now down about 5% this week.

In the past this kind of sell-off has been an opportunity? Is it again?

Financials Drop on Contagion Concerns

Strategy Session with the Fast Money traders

Trader Karen Finerman says Tuesday's action confirms her belief that the direction of US markets will be dictated Europe. However she also suggests that at some point fundamentals come into play and the whoosh lower makes some stocks attractive. "We have our (buy) list out,” she admits.

“Google around $560 would be interesting and Cummins in the low 90’s would get my attention."

Joe Terranova thinks because the market is moving so quickly money pros who are otherwise bullish feel compelled to sell and then re-position. He agrees that it will probably soon be time to re-establish longs, however he’s not ready to pull the trigger just yet. He’s looking for a point of reference.

”1183 looks like the line in the sand,” he says. He suggests watching how the market acts at or near that level and placing bets accordingly.

Terranova isn't the only one focussed on the 1190 - 1180 range.

"If we can't hold the 50-day, which is around 1,190, it wouldn't be a very good technical picture," says Ari Wald, an analyst at Brown Brothers Harriman in a Reuters interview.

Trader Pete Najarian suggests closely watching the Materials ETF; he's spotted a large volume of put buying - "all the way from the December 34's to the December 27's." It's unclear whether investors are making downside bets or if the action is protective put buying.

However the move in materials may be quite telling, says Najarian, considering materials along with energy and industrials drove the S&P to its bull market high earlier in the year.

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