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Spotted: Dick Grasso at Mitt Romney Fund Raiser

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie
Mandel Ngan | Getty Images

Chris Christie had a lot of Wall Street's hitters pushing for him to run. But when word went out that Christie felt it wasn't his time, those guys had to go looking for a new horse to back.

Mitt Romney scored the support of venture capitalist Ken Langone, and that means that he'll likely get the backing of a lot of Langone's pals.

So it wasn't too surprising when Dick Grasso showed up at Mitt Romney's fundraiser in Manhattan today.

Grasso was spotted outside the event by the New York Observer's Hunter Walker, who had just been chased out of the hotel by security.

Moments later we spotted former NYSE Chairman and CEO Dick Grasso.

“The Governor laid out a very powerful message about jobs and the economy, his vision for America on the world stage. He was extremely impressive,” Mr. Grasso said.

Mr. Grasso told us Mr. Romney didn’t compare himself to his opponents.

“He didn’t do Coke/Pepsi,” Mr. Grasso said.

We asked Mr. Grasso what Mr. Romney had said about China, Iran and jihad.

“He was talking about the emergence of China as both an economic and military power and certainly from a global stage standpoint American needs to reposition itself,” Mr. Grasso said citing BRIC countries “taking market share” and our high levels of unemployment and underemployment as key issues.

Both Mr. Grasso and the fundraiser’s host, Mr. Langone, originally supported New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, who decided not to run after a lengthy flirtation and endorsed Mr. Romney. We asked Mr. Grasso if he was ready to back Mr. Romney, too.

“I’ve already said I will endorse the Republican candidate and if you had to guess which one I would pick, you would not be surprised,” Mr. Grasso said.

In short, it sure sounds like Grasso is pulling for Romney.

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