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Corzine Still Shows Up to Work at MF Global

Gov. Jon Corzine of New Jersey

Jon Corzine was in the office all day Wednesday, as my colleague Kayla Tauche reported.

But even as he meets with lawyers in midtown New York, the word being whispered by some at Wall Street is that Corzine is in St. Barts.

Corzine, the chief executive of the failed financial company, has not been seen publicly since MF Global filed for bankruptcy Monday. People have been wondering where he is.

On Wall Street, where there is a lack of information, speculation always rushes to fill the gap.

I heard the same story from a few of my sources. It's completely wrong. But it's going around.

The idea is improbable. The last thing Corzine would need at this point would be stories of him jetting to a Caribbean hot spot and lounging on the beach.

It's not hard to see where the idea came from. After Corzine lost the governorship of New Jersey, he was next spotted on the beach of St. Barts.

So let me repeat: Corzine is not on the beach.

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