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In Volatile Markets, Take a Long View: Gabelli

Markets rise and markets fall, sometimes by hundreds of points, but Mario Gabelli says that doesn't bother him because he takes a longer-term perspective.

"Markets fluctuate," the CEO of Gamco Investors told CNBC Thursday. "We want to figure out where is the market going to be a year and a half from now."

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Before investing, he looks at a company's "intrinsic value, what it will be worth in five years and does the management come to work every day to make money," Gabelli said.

Take Genuine Parts , which he started buying for clients in 1977.

"They’ve never had a year in which they didn’t raise the dividend since 1948," he said. "There’s no debt on the balance sheet. They sell products that if inflation picks up they’ll do better. If inflation doesn’t pick up they sell parts for cars on the road. There are going to be a billion cars in the world" including 240 million in the U.S. alone, he said.

Some of Gabelli's other buys this year include El Paso Electric , Brinks and Schiff Nutrition .


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