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Guest Authors: Workplace Frustration is the Silent Company Killer

According to guest authors Mark Royal and Tom Agnew, workplace frustration will sap employee energy and enthusiasm more quickly than most any other daily obstacle.  The authors call it a silent killer, and in their new book, "The Enemy of Engagement," they ask if that frustration lurks within your company.

The Enemy of Engagement

"Our data indicates that frustrated employees make up 20 percent or more of the workforce of a typical company," write the authors. And the problem is often overlooked.

In's Bullish on Books, the authors explain the causes of workplace frustration, how to recognize it and what to do to keep your most talented employees engaged and productive.

The underlying message for managers: Working to ensure that the office environment, and the role each employee plays, offer each person the ability to reach their potential, is critical if a business is going to successfully meet the needs of its customers.