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Speculating on the 'Mobile Internet Tsunami'

Investors may be faced with a tough market environment, but Cramer on Friday urged his viewers to stay in the game because investing is the best way to augment one’s paycheck.

Over the past few months, U.S. companies have watched helplessly as their stocks are often slaughtered due to no fault of their own, but because the markets are held hostage to Europe’s sovereign debt crisis. In turn, investing has become nothing short of frustrating. Cramer likes to make investing fun, though, because people are more likely to stick with something that’s fun to do. Speculating is a particularly fun method of investing, he said. It’s the process of hunting for undiscovered stocks of tiny companies that have potential to become much larger.

Take Allot Communications , for example. It’s a $350 million technology company with headquarters in Israel. The company provides Internet protocol service optimization for wireless carriers and cable operators. It makes the hardware and software for deep packet inspection technology, which gives carriers information about the data being sent over their airwaves, allowing them to prioritize content and designate bandwidth. In other words, its products allow carriers to ensure their networks are running properly and efficiently.

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To Cramer, it’s a great way to speculate on the next leg of the “mobile Internet tsunami.” As he describes it, more and more people are using smart phones, creating demand not only for companies that build smart phones and smart phone components, but also for companies that service the mobile Web.

Investors interested in speculating on this name should remember its market cap is tiny, Cramer said, so use limit orders only.

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