Wall Street Protesters 'Babies in Adults' Bodies': Langone


Occupy Wall Street protesters are typical of a generation growing up less educated than the one before them looking for the government to provide them a living, venture capitalist Ken Langone told CNBC.

The Home Depot founder and former New York Stock Exchange director had harsh words for those who have occupied Zuccotti Park in Lower Manhattan in New York to rail against corporate greed.

Ken Langone: OWS Babies in Adult Bodies

"The kids downtown, I'd view them as babies in adults' bodies," Langone said in a live interview. "I don't think they know what they want to be when they grow up."

He used the protest, which is nearly two months old and has generated similar movements across the country and around the world, to bemoan the state of education. He also criticized the group for adversely affecting local businesses by chasing customers away.

"The generation of children in public schools in America today is the first generation that's going to have a lower literacy rate than the previous generation," Langone said. "There are jobs all over, but you need to be able to count."

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