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How Are Penn State Fans Reacting To Scandal Today?

As the Penn State sexual assault allegations and perjury claimsswirl, I wondered how Nittany Lions alums were taking the news.

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Would they let the legal process play out or had they already decided what to do with their money or their tickets?

Here are some thoughts from PSU fans on Twitter:

@stevemccahan: PSU season ticket holder. Leaning towards giving up my seats. Will donate my $ somewhere else. Somewhere that protects kids.

@Kyle_T_Fisher: No future donations till all in admin/football program who sniffed a problem (are) gone.

@PSUMase: I'm not changing a thing. Still proud of JoePa and my alma mater. If anything, I'm giving more support because it's needed now.

@Justin_Welter: I grew up in State College. My whole family graduated from Penn State. In speaking with friends, 70 percent are dropping tickets now.

@sprowaustin: Keeping tickets. No doubt.

@CasaNoVApsu: Just got off the phone with @1_800_NITTANY and released my @PennStateFB season tickets for 2012 and beyond. If it were just Sandusky, I could deal with that; the University-wide cover-up disgusts me and will not be tolerated. The dilemma on many fans' minds is how how do you show your disgust w/the University, but still show support for the players?

@Alty21: Wait and see. Worried about JoePa's lack of follow up. Heart broken at the extent of the issue. Still bleed blue & white.

@johnv_PSU13: As a PSU junior, I feel like my support belongs to these players. They have worked too hard and have nothing to do with this.

@mvalania: Have had season tix for 20 years. I will keep them. This is a University administration issue. Spanier should be gone like Curley & Schultz. 

@iamrobk: I'm a senior now, glad I'm not coming back next year because I don't know if I would buy tickets and I don't want to have to decide.

@saltandtepper: Penn State tradition is above this. As a recent alum now in law school, I still plan on getting tix/donating in the future.

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