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"The Best Damn Management Book Ever" For Business Owners

The Best Damn Management Book Ever

According to author Warren Greshes, you can't motivate unmotivated people, and it's no use trying. External motivation doesn't work, he argues, so spend your time developing the skills of the naturally self-motivated, and you'll see them become high-achievers.

The title is "The Best Damn Management Book Ever," and in it, Greshes talks about the "9 Keys to Creating Self-Motivated High Achievers."

In's Bullish on Books, the author explains the value in treating your staff like customers, learning their needs, and taking a hands-on approach to their goals and plans.

Perhaps most counter-intuitive advice for managers is that money is not the motivator you might think it is. "Money is not something that makes you love your job; it's something that stops you from hating your job," writes Greshes.

It's up to the manager to position the money question around how they want their life to look. Money as a means to an end frames this new approach. By showing employees what they have to do in order to achieve the lifestyle they want, you will create a self-motivated self-starter.