Net Net: Promoting innovation and managing change
Net Net: Promoting innovation and managing change

The Buy and Hold Believer Woodstock

The Metropolitan Opera House rocked Friday with the tunes of Rock Legend Sting and James Taylor.

No, his performance wasn't part a 50 city tour. It was a special concert for the six thousand plus investors of the various Baron Capital funds.

"It's about fear now,"  Ron Baron, Chairman, CEO and CIO of Baron Capital, told the audience.

"We understand how scary it can be to watch the stock market bounce around. Some think when stocks drop its a reflection of a company's performance, that's not the case anymore. Political dysfunction here and abroad are the reason." Baron also went on to talk about high frequency trading as one of reasons for causing short term volatility and driving down stock prices, "Stocks have never been cheaper in my lifetime," said Baron.

Opportunity in an uncertain world was one of the themes in the "Go Long" conference.

"The extreme volatility of the markets is creating a great opportunity to pick up stocks with good fundamentals that have been beaten down because of fear," explained Baron.

Cliff Greenberg, of Baron’s small cap fund, added "It's the culture of a company that gives them a competitive advantage. We get to know the leadership. We invest in people."

But the biggest applause of the day wasn't for Sting. It was when an investor asked Baron "What advice would you give President Obama on the economy?"

"Resign." answered Baron, a one-time Obama supporter.

Investors also got a chance to hear presentations and ask questions to some of the chief executives from some of the funds' investments: PegaSystems, Genesse & Wyoming, CFR Pharmaceuticals, Molycorp .

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