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Turmoil Dents the Euro, Data Hits the Swiss Franc

Italy's in upheaval and Switzerland could be headed for deflation - it's time for your FX Fix.

The euro was weaker on concerns about Italy's finances. [CNBC]

Eurozone retail sales dropped in September, raising concerns about a recession. [RTT]

The G20 is going to hold more talks on the euro zone crisis, possibly before Christmas. [CNBC]

Swiss price growth reversed in October, and the Swiss franc tumbled. [WSJ]

Ouch. The Hungarian forint is down 12% against the euro since September, but cutting interest rates to spur growth could make even more forint holders bail. [WSJ]

Currencies are moving more and more on politics - witness the euro over the past week - and some investors say the market is becoming close to untradeable. [FT]



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