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Best Election Day Ad

Tuesday is election day! Yeah, I didn't know, either.

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In fact, the only reason I know voters are going to the polls is because I saw what may be the hippest campaign ad of the season, maybe ever.

The commercial supports San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee, who's had the job on an interim basis since Gavin Newsom became California Lt. Governor.

Lee originally said he would not run for election ... but changed his mind. There have been some questions about campaign funding improprieties but, as yet, no one has come forward with Gloria Allred to hold a news conference.

Instead, you have this ad, starring a rap star, a legendary Giant, and a host of other biggies singing "Too Legit To Quit". Why should you vote for Ed Lee? "Only five feet five but he gets sh*t done!"

Geez, there are even bonus videos showing cameos of celebs making the commercial.

Why can't we have these kinds of ads in the Presidential race? They would be much more fun and engaging than the typical commercial showing the opposition candidate in sinister shades of black and white, and talking about how he or she is going to rob you blind. Zzzzzzzz... Rather than tearing down the opposition, this ad lifts up the candidate. Though, of course, it doesn't tell me much about Ed Lee except he has a lot of really cool friends.

Truth is, I don't know anything about Ed Lee, except he's 5'5" and has a mustache, and I'm not sure you want MC Hammer in your corner, seeing as he fiscal house hasn't always been in order.

But Brian "Fear the Beard" Wilson wearing a shirt saying "Fear the Mustache"? Can't touch this.

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