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Mad Money's Jim Cramer Interviews CareFusion's Gallahue

Despite the market's positive moves, it's worth owning stocks of companies that work regardless of how the economy is doing, Cramer said Tuesday. CareFusion is one such pick.

A medical technology company that helps hospitals save money — that's right, a healthcare cost-containment play — CareFusion leads the market in medication dispensing with Pyxis, which is like a pharmacy in a machine.

CareFusion is also the leader in smart pumps for patients receiving infusions, and it makes diagnostics and respiratory ventilation products.

All of this adds up to a diversified portfolio that is shifting toward products that reduce hospital costs, improve patient outcomes and increase safety. Plus, the company’s infusion business is still gaining market share thanks to last year’s product recall from Baxter International , a major competitor.

After Monday's close, CareFusion reported a solid quarter with in-line numbers, but the stock was dinged today, falling 14 cents or 0.55 percent.

CareFusion's revenues and earnings are weighted toward the second half of next year, so this is a longer-term story, and it could be a positive one given that management plans to grow operating earnings an 11 to 15 percent annual clip for the next several years. 

With that kind of growth, the stock seems cheap, trading at 12.3 times next year's earnings estimates, and more than 5 points off its high.

For more, watch the full interview with Kieran Gallahue, chairman and CEO of CareFusion.


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